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Train Hard. Sweat Hard.

Fitness and Combat Training.

We have kids and adult classes available all week long. Kids pure boot camp class and a kid's class combining fitness with hand-to-hand combat training. Adults have the option of training Fitness mixed with Krav Maga or Muay Thai Kickboxing. 

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100% Results

We can guarantee you that any of our classes will allow you to successfully achieve your fitness goals.

Workout Facility

Our Facility

Our Methods

Our Methods


Krav Fit

Krav Fit combines Krav Maga striking, blocking and technique with fitness. A great wat to defend yourself and stay in shape.

Thai Kickboxing

Thai Kickboxing combines Muay Thai with fitness exercises. Striking, pad work and bag work will enhance the whole workout. 

Strength Training

Weights and body weight will be used to lose weight and improve muscle tone. Strength training will be incorporated in all classes.


Cardio will be used to build stamina and lose weight. Cardio training will be a large part of all of the classes we offer.


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