Storm Defense Academy was founded in July of 2018. The main reason for opening was to create a financially friendly studio for everyone to come and learn self-defense. We have a true passion to see our students grow, learn and love self-defense training. 


Our Mission 

To create a fun and family friendly environment for children and adults to better themselves, physically, mentally and emotionally. Through the training of Self-defense students will gain more confidence as well as knowledge on how to defend themselves. The family environment is to entice families to train together instead of just dropping their children off. A friendly environment will make students more comfortable doing the close quarters work and training with people they don’t really know.


Goal Setting

We encourage every student to have clear goals they wish to reach on and off the mats.  Each parent wishes to see their child grow and achieve specific characteristics through martial arts. Our job is to aid our parents in instilling the best qualities within our children. 

Growth and Improvement

     We want our students to have an abundance of opportunities to grow while training at Storm Defense Academy.  We offer a demonstration team for the students who have the desire to perform their techniques in front of  others. Showing the confidence to take the stage and the dedication to ensure they have the best technique. We also offer a leadership class for any student who wishes to learn how to teach. Students who are willing to gain the leadership experience, has the proper technique, and who have a desire to help others in their learning journey. Our students have the opportunity to get certified in Krav Maga as they grow and mature. The true test of a students techniques, to travel and be tested under the federation itself.