What to Expect


Class 1 (Intro Class)

Class 2 (1st Trial Class)

  • New Students will be introduced to the instructors

  • Students will have an opportunity to go over all their personal training goals

  • Instructor will go over how lasses are usually formatted 

  • instructor will review required safety gear and how attendance will be tracked in order to gauge progress

  • New students will have the choice to either participate or observe the class

  • This is the new students official first class

  • New students will participate in a basic workout/warm up

  • Students will learn basic stances and striking as well as how to hold pads safely

  • Students will learn basic standing self-defense techniques, if they are comfortable with the partner contact

  • The students skills will be evaluated to see how they receive the techniques as well as their aggression level to match with partners

What we Expect

  • Students to show up to class on time and ready to work

  • New students to purchase the required gear (Gloved and mouth guard) and bring it to class with them

  • class participation:

we understand working with others is uncomfortable, we cannot teach self-defense without physical contact

  • All new students to attempt techniques and fitness training before deciding they do not want to participate in the drills

  • students to maintain an open mind while training: 

yes, it will be hard​

yes, you will sweat

yes, you will get a few bumps and bruises

yes, you will need to sweat with other students while training