Self-Defense and Kids Confidence Building

The number one reason parents look towards martial arts and self-defense is to build confidence. Storm Defense Academy agrees confidence is the number 1 benefit of learning and training in martial arts. But, how does self-defense training boost a child’s confidence?

All of our instructors know the key to building confidence is being positive, and understanding that every child has different needs and learns differently. Our instructors are trained to motivate our students by praising their effort and progress on an individual level. Our instructors are trained to make corrections in a positive way that encourages our students to work harder and want to learn more.

Self-Defense classes boost confidence because the progress and achievement is more individualized than that in another sport. The progress and achievements a student makes is theirs and theirs alone. A student’s progress is not tied to the success or failure of a team and no one is ever excluded in Self-Defense training. All students participate 100% of the time.

The belt ranking system is great for children in self-defense. It provides visible goals for children to see their progress and gain recognition for their hard work.

The Self-Defense training allows for students to feel empowered that they can protect themselves. It takes away from fearing bullies and teaches them to stand up for themselves. Children should not fear doing daily activities such as attending school or riding the bus. Self-Defense training allows them to go through daily activities with more comfort and confidence that they can handle themselves in certain situations.

Storm Defense Academy teaches the importance of positive thinking. It is critical for children to believe in themselves and we pride ourselves in making sure every student knows how important they are.

Children gain confidence in many different ways, Storm Defense Academy provides children with self-defense skills, positivity, goal setting and the feeling of accomplishment they need to feel empowered.